Color Blind(continuation)

I’m so happy God didn’t create the world in black and white but…..maybe that was God using His sense of humor. What if we’ve got it all wrong and since the beginning of time we started taking skin color too serious? Diversity is not meant to separate us but it’s suppose to bring us as humans a sense of joy.

My job as an artist is to not use my words to paint a picture in black and white but to add color to the framework in what our country should be built on.We have gotten too comfortable with beauty. Where is the appreciation for something so pure as the color of a person’s skin? All skin color has an essence to it to marvel over, especially my brown skin sisters and brothers. How’s it that we’ve convinced each other and ourselves that superiority is somehow found in a history of generational wealth and “man-power”. No one is above another person until someone tries to prove that he/she is better for personal gain. How mankind has survived and thrived thus far is not by looking to the next man to do the work for him/her but to roll up the sleeves and be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. And survival will never happen by with one person shaking a silver spoon in the less privileged person face and saying “you don’t have a spoon so you can’t eat, sorry”. Yes we have lost the real meaning of what color was meant for in the first place. A persons skin color is something to be proud of. When I see the same person that has the same skin color as me and I get that bubbly feeling in my stomach that embraces that person regardless of what he/she says. With that same respect is the way we should treat a person that looks totally different than us. If you take away all the black people in the world, in everyday life ppl would get tired of each other. If you take away all the white people in the world, conversations would be dull. We as a people have surely been distracted by what we can see about physical appearance that we totally forgot about what we can’t see in a person’s heart matters more. Don’t ever let the color of someone’s skin fool you.

Our skin shows only a fraction of a fraction of what a person has been through. Think about it. Black people have been through hell on earth with slavery and we’ve never seen the fruits of our labor. Our skin tone is a survival mechanism. And let me tell you, black don’t crack(black people skin is flawless). And for real….It was foretold in the Holy bible that their would be slaves for at least 400 years. No other race could bear the hot sun, the whipping, and the tragedies of our kids being taking from us right in the front our face. I believe God gave African American’s their color to show us we are strong people. You can look at one black person and see another man’s struggle. I bring up slavery because it felt like since we came to America “slave owners” tried to tie us down and they treated us worse than crops they tended for. History always repeats itself so their is a pattern of black people being treated so wrong. And even now, why are we treated with disgrace/dishonor?

It is obvious that we as black people have wronged no one but people seem to treat us as if we’ve brought harm to them in someway and now they are paying us back with racism.

How do we stop this vicious cycle and will most of the black people I know own property or land that our ancestors had to work on? I would have to jump into the future to answer that question but for now I work my tail off to not be another statistic.

I choose to rest and be at ease with the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skinbut by the content of their character.”

By: Ericka Andrews

I am the 1%.

I am not insane. I am ME.

I hear voices but there’s no one their for me to respond to.
So I talk to myself.
I need Truth.
Please don’t look down on me.
I am a product of our society.
This is me speaking honestly.
Sometimes anxiety get the best of me.
I’m just like you, I need to reach my destiny.
I got a lot of mental barriers I gotta knock down.
I wish you knew I need love and care too.
Don’t try to take away my dignity.
My freedom belongs to me.
Let me speak my mind, even if you don’t understand what I’m saying.
A healthy way of expression is crucial for my well being.
I may be schizophrenic, bipolar or depressed.
But don’t pass me by just yet.
I have knowledge and education that will increase my survival skills.
Even though I have mental breakdowns at times that’s against my own will.
Look at my eyes and they’ll show you their is still hope.
There’s hope for the mentally disturbed who has no meds.
There’s hope for the homeless man with a mental diagnosis who has no one to lift him up when he feels defeated.
Give hope because you words may be the last piece of strength someone uses to get them through the night.
I vow to hold the torch of hope for us all.

The Mindful Genius

I’m a genius.

My momma genes told me so.

Clever ryhmes.

Clever minds.

Special for enduring times.

I crunch non-sense with my teeth and feet at the same time and save the rest to pray to the Divine.

Put the spotlight on my thouughts and signals from stop lights will be switching off in my mind.


Because I told everyone to take the day off.


#Universal Free Your Mind Day#

I’m Geeking

Glasses folded, chilling with brilliant folks.

She smart,

You asked me to respond to what she said?

haha…I’m thinking….but I don’t know.

That’s a steep uphill question like it’s on a snowy road.

I’m thinking big time cuz that’s what us natural thinkers do.

In one blink I’m back in my nerdy reality.

Then I hit the escape button in my mind one more time……..

I’m a genius…….akjlkjakjldkjfalkdsjf……….ljlajd….ahahahahA!


Escaping My Shadow(s)


Someone is chasing after me.

I turn around to see it is me.

Can I defeat the enemy in my inner me?

I hate going in circles.

But even an unknown loop in my life can be a blessing.

As I am known.

I also belong.

The timing that took God to touch the essence of my be-ing, is a long way to a road of believing.

I can see clear paths straightening out.

Shattering echo’s the sounds of nighttime eloping freedom.

Because spiritual brass armor is me binding heaven to war that I shout Victory is mine.

What can try to define me as confined?

It feels as if my past tries to hunt down my present self to test my future success.

My steps are ordered so I breakthrough what blinds me to see outside of myself, to become see through.

No complacency.

But a relentless spirit has been placed in me.

Do you see what I see?

I am demolishing what makes me question others about myself.

Nothing of myself is outta the ordinary because I am extraordinary.

Anything extra can be stained but there is nothing in me that God can’t re-frame.  

What have I attained, and second thought is, what if none of it mattered anyway?

This is what I conceptualize and visualize from my eyes.

-Ericka A.

Healthy goals. Healthy Mind.

Hello everyone! Since you made it to my page, you already have an idea of how important the mind is. The mind has many facets and I hope as you explored my page and continue(as I add new info and cool new updates) to be sure to extend your mind’s limitations. I challenge and encourage you(and myself as well)to extend what your mind is capable of.  So that you being in your healthy state of mind, can happen at any time. Like and comment….Let’s connect.

Mental Health:Medication use vs. No Meds

There is nothing wrong with people who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. Not one person had the choice to choose whether or not he/she wanted to live with a mental condition. Since it was out of the person’s control as to how they were diagnosed, then it is only right that people’s mental health conditions are monitored and try to be made better. The majority of the people wake up one day and notice there is something very odd about their thinking pattern. And people that are from the outside looking inside their lives think that they are acting out on purpose but the truth is, if the mental condition is not treated then the mind of that person can get out of their control. And again this is not the person’s fault. Something to consider to prevent someone from going backward on their road to recovery is check-ins. Check-ins with the person(s) to make sure they have been taking their medication. The question about medication use should be asked at least once a month, especially if something is really different about the person’s behavior pattern.  A check-in can make a big difference in someone’s state of mind. It’s another reassurance that the person has people or someone in their corner, cheering for them with support and wants them to do well and be well. One secret about medication use with people who have been diagnosed is……when people stop taking the meds is when it feels as if the meds are not necessary to take any more. And there is an extreme caution because it feels as if without the meds there is a better connection with the world but at that time the mind is unbalanced and needs the medication to help to connect the individual to reality.  The medications that are prescribed by a doctor should always be taken until gives further instructions. Taking the meds is a healthy mental health habit and the best route to take because the better a person is taken care of more than likely that person will be on a secure road to recovery.

Addressing Mental Health

How do you connect with family or friends that struggle with a mental health diagnosis? Especially the psychological side? There are a few keys to use to get through this situation. One way is to keep him/her involved in important tasks or projects. This can give them a sense of responsibility, individuality, and independence. These three traits can make a major difference in the way someone feels about themselves. When you build-up any person’s self-esteem, that gives them confidence that they can be strong through anything they face in life. And in this situation, it takes the person mind off of “only me” and he/she gets to shake off the emotions without even having to try hard to do so. The second key is to keep him/her around positive people. At times it’s uncomfortable for people to get out of their feelings because of the tug of war that is going on from within. But the more he/she knows that people want the best for his/her greater good then that is less of a load that has to be carried by one’s self. One more key that might seem obvious is to take the friend/family member on an outing. We all like to get out of our usual environment sometimes. This fact helps people who are pressing against a mental battle to see another side of what life has to offer. Emotions can be strong so when those emotions are calmed and directed to a peaceful place, automatically the mind goes into a safe haven mode and what problem that seemed like it matter diminishes. All of these keys will help lead your family or friends to a clearer state of mind. And shows you what part you can do to keep them healthy mentally while enjoying some quality time.

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