PURPOSE. Come to me and never leave. I don’t only want you for one season of my life. I’m so common without you. Everything is blur if you’re not here. PURPOSE. Strategies seem so useless when you’re far away. I didn’t have you for 20 years of my life and now I chase you, don’t […]

Color Blind(continuation)

I’m so happy God didn’t create the world in black and white but…..maybe that was God using His sense of humor. What if we’ve got it all wrong and since the beginning of time we started taking skin color too serious? Diversity is not meant to separate us but it’s suppose to bring us as […]

The Mindful Genius

I’m a genius. My momma genes told me so. Clever ryhmes. Clever minds. Special for enduring times. I crunch non-sense with my teeth and feet at the same time and save the rest to pray to the Divine. Put the spotlight on my thouughts and signals from stop lights will be switching off in my […]

Escaping My Shadow(s)

Someone is chasing after me. I turn around to see it is me. Can I defeat the enemy in my inner me? I hate going in circles. But even an unknown loop in my life can be a blessing. As I am known. I also belong. The timing that took God to touch the essence […]

Mental Health:Medication use vs. No Meds

There is nothing wrong with people who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. Not one person had the choice to choose whether or not he/she wanted to live with a mental condition. Since it was out of the person’s control as to how they were diagnosed, then it is only right that people’s mental health […]