Think Twice.

Reel me into a world-wind..

It’ll only be fuel to accompany stubborn shifts that only I can control.

Even in your lighthouse,….

schemes grip my conscience but now I am free……

I can hear my own voice of escape……..shouting at me,…but no one hears, sees, or stops.

Not silence again.

Not even ghosts can shatter old memories with a blank stare, but remorse is like a rollercoaster.

..Asking me to go for a disposable thrill every second it’s about that time to strike a nerve.

Sentencing me to uncover all that bending trees do not whisper, no one heard the tree fall anyway.

Shouts fade with the wind but the concrete cracked then everyone looked for an answer….

Your 2 cents could’ve made me rich, but today thinking is left for the philosophers.

What is simple is too simple.

Understatements taken to heart, the unraveling is left…..

Wondering is a friend who pays me no mind.

Define alone, although accuracy will reach for your ancestors answers to leave you looking for a moral to the story.

Let history shake up the future, picture the present.

Take notice.

Seconds carry the weight of eternity…..

Moments of dim light cast a shadow.

Hands get worn and weary of doing.

Some stories only tell half truth with no twist plot….

Each path…encounters no interruptions when destiny unfolds.

Ericka A.

Published by Ericka A.

I am 32 years old, I'm a writer and my goal here is to share all the tips I know with how to keep your whole being healthy.