Keeping it SIMPLE is Key…

Simplicity is an art. I’m a simple person, this is the thought I tell myself when I’m remembering life is super complicated at times.

Even when I breakdown 1+1=2 somehow my intelligence is testing out my ability and questioning my answer. I’m not a mathematician but I do know second guessing is a common denominator that most successful people break the habit of doing. Come’ on there’s only on one way to solve this math problem.

Simple people are good friends. Think about it… Even if your simple friends are wrong, at least you can gravitate towards the true facts. Because what they told you makes perfect sense why you won’t be taking their advice.

Most fundamental books are simple to read but history books is a totally different story.

Even nature appreciates simplicity. That’s why plants/flowers stick to the basics to grow….water,sunlight and dirt. I can imagine a cactus saying don’t give me artificial light, the sun from the sky will do just fine.

If simplicity had a voice it’d prolly only say……”I am easy going”…with no final exhausted speech of definition to explain why. Simplicity would prolly talk in riddles but would give perfect clues that everybody could figure out. The tone of simplicity’s voice would be soothing like a dad putting his newborn baby to sleep for the first time after the child throws a tantrum.

Everybody hates Chris???Somehow everybody love simplicity!

What all does it take for a person to be a simple thinker? Maybe to look at what your definition of simplicity mean. I am more simple when I am not asking myself why me…. Accepting my present self is key.

If I could take simplicity and make it mine, I’d put it in my pocket for rainy days so that I could always find purpose in the midst of storms of life.

-Ericka A.

Published by Ericka A.

I am 32 years old, I'm a writer and my goal here is to share all the tips I know with how to keep your whole being healthy.