Color Blind(continuation)

I’m so happy God didn’t create the world in black and white but…..maybe that was God using His sense of humor. What if we’ve got it all wrong and since the beginning of time we started taking skin color too serious? Diversity is not meant to separate us but it’s suppose to bring us as humans a sense of joy.

My job as an artist is to not use my words to paint a picture in black and white but to add color to the framework in what our country should be built on.We have gotten too comfortable with beauty. Where is the appreciation for something so pure as the color of a person’s skin? All skin color has an essence to it to marvel over, especially my brown skin sisters and brothers. How’s it that we’ve convinced each other and ourselves that superiority is somehow found in a history of generational wealth and “man-power”. No one is above another person until someone tries to prove that he/she is better for personal gain. How mankind has survived and thrived thus far is not by looking to the next man to do the work for him/her but to roll up the sleeves and be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. And survival will never happen by with one person shaking a silver spoon in the less privileged person face and saying “you don’t have a spoon so you can’t eat, sorry”. Yes we have lost the real meaning of what color was meant for in the first place. A persons skin color is something to be proud of. When I see the same person that has the same skin color as me and I get that bubbly feeling in my stomach that embraces that person regardless of what he/she says. With that same respect is the way we should treat a person that looks totally different than us. If you take away all the black people in the world, in everyday life ppl would get tired of each other. If you take away all the white people in the world, conversations would be dull. We as a people have surely been distracted by what we can see about physical appearance that we totally forgot about what we can’t see in a person’s heart matters more. Don’t ever let the color of someone’s skin fool you.

Our skin shows only a fraction of a fraction of what a person has been through. Think about it. Black people have been through hell on earth with slavery and we’ve never seen the fruits of our labor. Our skin tone is a survival mechanism. And let me tell you, black don’t crack(black people skin is flawless). And for real….It was foretold in the Holy bible that their would be slaves for at least 400 years. No other race could bear the hot sun, the whipping, and the tragedies of our kids being taking from us right in the front our face. I believe God gave African American’s their color to show us we are strong people. You can look at one black person and see another man’s struggle. I bring up slavery because it felt like since we came to America “slave owners” tried to tie us down and they treated us worse than crops they tended for. History always repeats itself so their is a pattern of black people being treated so wrong. And even now, why are we treated with disgrace/dishonor?

It is obvious that we as black people have wronged no one but people seem to treat us as if we’ve brought harm to them in someway and now they are paying us back with racism.

How do we stop this vicious cycle and will most of the black people I know own property or land that our ancestors had to work on? I would have to jump into the future to answer that question but for now I work my tail off to not be another statistic.

I choose to rest and be at ease with the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skinbut by the content of their character.”

By: Ericka Andrews

Published by Ericka A.

I am 32 years old, I'm a writer and my goal here is to share all the tips I know with how to keep your whole being healthy.

2 thoughts on “Color Blind(continuation)

  1. That was very profound Little sis. You no doubt have a writing gift and expression that crystalizes the history and strength of African Americans. You also bring to light the solution by saying that as people we are all much more than what is on the surface. This should go public. If it does I know it will influence change in the direction of equality. Keep writing Little sis and sharing your mind because we all need it. I love you and am looking forward to connecting with you soon.


  2. This was so awesome to read love. We’ve never talked about how you feel black people were and are still treated unfairly. Thank you for sharing this piece and not keeping it to yourself. I look forward to hearing more😁 I LOVE this💜


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