The Mindful Genius

I’m a genius.

My momma genes told me so.

Clever ryhmes.

Clever minds.

Special for enduring times.

I crunch non-sense with my teeth and feet at the same time and save the rest to pray to the Divine.

Put the spotlight on my thouughts and signals from stop lights will be switching off in my mind.


Because I told everyone to take the day off.


#Universal Free Your Mind Day#

I’m Geeking

Glasses folded, chilling with brilliant folks.

She smart,

You asked me to respond to what she said?

haha…I’m thinking….but I don’t know.

That’s a steep uphill question like it’s on a snowy road.

I’m thinking big time cuz that’s what us natural thinkers do.

In one blink I’m back in my nerdy reality.

Then I hit the escape button in my mind one more time……..

I’m a genius…….akjlkjakjldkjfalkdsjf……….ljlajd….ahahahahA!


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