Escaping My Shadow(s)


Someone is chasing after me.

I turn around to see it is me.

Can I defeat the enemy in my inner me?

I hate going in circles.

But even an unknown loop in my life can be a blessing.

As I am known.

I also belong.

The timing that took God to touch the essence of my be-ing, is a long way to a road of believing.

I can see clear paths straightening out.

Shattering echo’s the sounds of nighttime eloping freedom.

Because spiritual brass armor is me binding heaven to war that I shout Victory is mine.

What can try to define me as confined?

It feels as if my past tries to hunt down my present self to test my future success.

My steps are ordered so I breakthrough what blinds me to see outside of myself, to become see through.

No complacency.

But a relentless spirit has been placed in me.

Do you see what I see?

I am demolishing what makes me question others about myself.

Nothing of myself is outta the ordinary because I am extraordinary.

Anything extra can be stained but there is nothing in me that God can’t re-frame.  

What have I attained, and second thought is, what if none of it mattered anyway?

This is what I conceptualize and visualize from my eyes.

-Ericka A.

Published by Ericka A.

I am 32 years old, I'm a writer and my goal here is to share all the tips I know with how to keep your whole being healthy.