Addressing Mental Health

How do you connect with family or friends that struggle with a mental health diagnosis? Especially the psychological side? There are a few keys to use to get through this situation. One way is to keep him/her involved in important tasks or projects. This can give them a sense of responsibility, individuality, and independence. These three traits can make a major difference in the way someone feels about themselves. When you build-up any person’s self-esteem, that gives them confidence that they can be strong through anything they face in life. And in this situation, it takes the person mind off of “only me” and he/she gets to shake off the emotions without even having to try hard to do so. The second key is to keep him/her around positive people. At times it’s uncomfortable for people to get out of their feelings because of the tug of war that is going on from within. But the more he/she knows that people want the best for his/her greater good then that is less of a load that has to be carried by one’s self. One more key that might seem obvious is to take the friend/family member on an outing. We all like to get out of our usual environment sometimes. This fact helps people who are pressing against a mental battle to see another side of what life has to offer. Emotions can be strong so when those emotions are calmed and directed to a peaceful place, automatically the mind goes into a safe haven mode and what problem that seemed like it matter diminishes. All of these keys will help lead your family or friends to a clearer state of mind. And shows you what part you can do to keep them healthy mentally while enjoying some quality time.

Published by Ericka A.

I am 32 years old, I'm a writer and my goal here is to share all the tips I know with how to keep your whole being healthy.