Think Twice.

Reel me into a world-wind..

It’ll only be fuel to accompany stubborn shifts that only I can control.

Even in your lighthouse,….

schemes grip my conscience but now I am free……

I can hear my own voice of escape……..shouting at me,…but no one hears, sees, or stops.

Not silence again.

Not even ghosts can shatter old memories with a blank stare, but remorse is like a rollercoaster.

..Asking me to go for a disposable thrill every second it’s about that time to strike a nerve.

Sentencing me to uncover all that bending trees do not whisper, no one heard the tree fall anyway.

Shouts fade with the wind but the concrete cracked then everyone looked for an answer….

Your 2 cents could’ve made me rich, but today thinking is left for the philosophers.

What is simple is too simple.

Understatements taken to heart, the unraveling is left…..

Wondering is a friend who pays me no mind.

Define alone, although accuracy will reach for your ancestors answers to leave you looking for a moral to the story.

Let history shake up the future, picture the present.

Take notice.

Seconds carry the weight of eternity…..

Moments of dim light cast a shadow.

Hands get worn and weary of doing.

Some stories only tell half truth with no twist plot….

Each path…encounters no interruptions when destiny unfolds.

Ericka A.


Common Stories

She said: Step up to the plate.
He said:Naw I’m straight,
His actions:I’m too busy dishing out bait….
Narrarator: Well, the bait part wasn’t actually said …but that’s what silence told her cringing ears.
She said: Tears weld up…… don’t leave me here alone with a cold heart.
A wise person said:Don’t take the bait……..

Ericka A.

The midst lingers of back in the days while introducing me to today🙃

Working On Me.

I raise my standards up to learn from the mistakes I’ve made.

Even though I’m staying confident with not knowing what about myself that I can change.

Sometimes I laugh at the future while staying positive.

Progression is my defense so nothing is gonna stop me.

Questions embark my mind like ‘how can I stay honest?’

Lies try to tear down my pathway to success.

The lies be sayin ____”put your name here”____you can’t follow your dreams because you’re a mess.”

I tell myself that my mess is only temporary.

My new beginning will not tarry.

So I don’t have to worry….about what I haven’t done yet.

All I know is Ima execute my next move until I reach my best.

Right now I’m too busy tryna pass this next test.

I pray God got me, especially when I’m a hot mess.

I am continually working on me while my mind is at ease.

I imagine me……becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.

I have the right to say, ‘I embrace today’ despite the unknowns of what life has to offer tomorrow.

If you talk to me about the future I’ll tell you that, I’m blessed.

By Ericka A.

Keeping it SIMPLE is Key…

Simplicity is an art. I’m a simple person, this is the thought I tell myself when I’m remembering life is super complicated at times.

Even when I breakdown 1+1=2 somehow my intelligence is testing out my ability and questioning my answer. I’m not a mathematician but I do know second guessing is a common denominator that most successful people break the habit of doing. Come’ on there’s only on one way to solve this math problem.

Simple people are good friends. Think about it… Even if your simple friends are wrong, at least you can gravitate towards the true facts. Because what they told you makes perfect sense why you won’t be taking their advice.

Most fundamental books are simple to read but history books is a totally different story.

Even nature appreciates simplicity. That’s why plants/flowers stick to the basics to grow….water,sunlight and dirt. I can imagine a cactus saying don’t give me artificial light, the sun from the sky will do just fine.

If simplicity had a voice it’d prolly only say……”I am easy going”…with no final exhausted speech of definition to explain why. Simplicity would prolly talk in riddles but would give perfect clues that everybody could figure out. The tone of simplicity’s voice would be soothing like a dad putting his newborn baby to sleep for the first time after the child throws a tantrum.

Everybody hates Chris???Somehow everybody love simplicity!

What all does it take for a person to be a simple thinker? Maybe to look at what your definition of simplicity mean. I am more simple when I am not asking myself why me…. Accepting my present self is key.

If I could take simplicity and make it mine, I’d put it in my pocket for rainy days so that I could always find purpose in the midst of storms of life.

-Ericka A.

Give it all you’ve got!

Being consistent has barriers. Life has barriers. Especially when you are reaching to be consistent, at all costs.

Check out my new logo…This is a proud moment for me. I hope you guys enjoy the content on my page….And to all the deep thinkers….Let your mind wonder if it’s wandering towards Peace and Positivity.


Come to me and never leave.
I don't only want you for one season of my life.
I'm so common without you.
Everything is blur if you're not here. 
Strategies seem so useless when you're far away.
I didn't have you for 20 years of my life and now I chase you, don't run the other way. 
You have something I need that no man or woman can give me.
I've seen your fruits and I can't get you off my mind. 
If I had to choose you over money, it's a no brainer.
I allow you to dictate my next move.
I can feel the Truth in my bones, that I'm closer to you now than ever before.
Sit me down and dig deeper when we talk about my destiny. 
Show me that I couldn't be an average Joe even if I wanted to. 
I am finding my PURPOSE.... 
1 Peter 2:9, ESV: "But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."
By: Ericka A. 

Color Blind(continuation)

I’m so happy God didn’t create the world in black and white but…..maybe that was God using His sense of humor. What if we’ve got it all wrong and since the beginning of time we started taking skin color too serious? Diversity is not meant to separate us but it’s suppose to bring us as humans a sense of joy.

My job as an artist is to not use my words to paint a picture in black and white but to add color to the framework in what our country should be built on.We have gotten too comfortable with beauty. Where is the appreciation for something so pure as the color of a person’s skin? All skin color has an essence to it to marvel over, especially my brown skin sisters and brothers. How’s it that we’ve convinced each other and ourselves that superiority is somehow found in a history of generational wealth and “man-power”. No one is above another person until someone tries to prove that he/she is better for personal gain. How mankind has survived and thrived thus far is not by looking to the next man to do the work for him/her but to roll up the sleeves and be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. And survival will never happen by with one person shaking a silver spoon in the less privileged person face and saying “you don’t have a spoon so you can’t eat, sorry”. Yes we have lost the real meaning of what color was meant for in the first place. A persons skin color is something to be proud of. When I see the same person that has the same skin color as me and I get that bubbly feeling in my stomach that embraces that person regardless of what he/she says. With that same respect is the way we should treat a person that looks totally different than us. If you take away all the black people in the world, in everyday life ppl would get tired of each other. If you take away all the white people in the world, conversations would be dull. We as a people have surely been distracted by what we can see about physical appearance that we totally forgot about what we can’t see in a person’s heart matters more. Don’t ever let the color of someone’s skin fool you.

Our skin shows only a fraction of a fraction of what a person has been through. Think about it. Black people have been through hell on earth with slavery and we’ve never seen the fruits of our labor. Our skin tone is a survival mechanism. And let me tell you, black don’t crack(black people skin is flawless). And for real….It was foretold in the Holy bible that their would be slaves for at least 400 years. No other race could bear the hot sun, the whipping, and the tragedies of our kids being taking from us right in the front our face. I believe God gave African American’s their color to show us we are strong people. You can look at one black person and see another man’s struggle. I bring up slavery because it felt like since we came to America “slave owners” tried to tie us down and they treated us worse than crops they tended for. History always repeats itself so their is a pattern of black people being treated so wrong. And even now, why are we treated with disgrace/dishonor?

It is obvious that we as black people have wronged no one but people seem to treat us as if we’ve brought harm to them in someway and now they are paying us back with racism.

How do we stop this vicious cycle and will most of the black people I know own property or land that our ancestors had to work on? I would have to jump into the future to answer that question but for now I work my tail off to not be another statistic.

I choose to rest and be at ease with the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skinbut by the content of their character.”

By: Ericka Andrews

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