Ericka’s Poems


The audacity of men to have a mentality.

To have his own mind.

And dream his own dreams.

To hold themselves a high esteem.

Yet what does it mean to have a mind?

Maybe, to compile every thought to the hand of time.

To continue to seek and always find.

So what is my mind’s mission?

To push myself beyond just the usual day to day existing.

And to not get caught up in anything that’s not fulfilling.

My mind hungers so I give it food for thought.

My mind is my drive so I will never stop.

I’m taking my thoughts and placing them outside the box.

And it’s all because I am influenced by God.

If the mind was a tool, what kind of tool would it be?

At times it would be a hammer,

Hammering all the negativity outta sight so outta mind.

But at other times it’s a wrench.

Adjusting the minds perspective….

So making positive shifts is my gift.

I’m the master of my mind, yeah i said it.

Taken ownership of what I think is how I manage.

Now the questions are what false ideas are you accepting?

What honest truth(s) are you neglecting?

If you dig deeper you can find your answers.  

The next step should be in the direction of progression?

Conquering the mind comes first then possible material successes.

A changed and made up mind is one life’s biggest blessings.

So now, what’s on your mind_______________???

Ericka A. (ERA)



The Rain, Sun or the Meek?

Unmasking techniques that is far beyond sheek.

Nothing that contains an ounce of bleak.

Mountains fall at my feet.

Yet flowers grow and never frowned upon the rain , sun or the meek….

…with gentle atmospheres that only flower boutiques bring, especially when hope is in the air.

Tunes that echo through narrow tunnels alike of my ears interferes.

Brotherhood epiphanies that reminds me of symphonies.

Songs that play the latest mysteries with ‘History’ as it’s record company.

Farewells captures with gestures unspoken goodbyes…..

Now count every blessing even if it’s in disguise.

Words of pure gold that can medically change a heart’s condition.

The call of grandma’s voice bouncing from street lights, to counting fire hydrants that lead back home.

One’s fragile place is unmasked, simplicity reminds him that he belongs.

A life lifted to heaven is an untainted treasure.

A journey worth taking with effortless measure.



An Untold Mental Health Story

I remember being 21 years old going to the institution. Not to college but to be institutionalized. I felt like I could barely think at the time. What was my mind doing?Why was my brain struck in these lies? This was my first hardship as an adult and mental illness welcomed me in the nick of time. Somebody, anybody. I need an intervention b/c being trapped in this room and in my mind is a serious condition.All I can hear is you need this prescription. So I ripped up the papers with no hesitation.Please, no more interrogations. Questions after questions I am wondering, what are yall saying? And they were probably wondering the same thing about me. I promise whatever the issue was, now I retreat. I just want to go home and see my family. And 3 years down the line of battling a mental illness is when… I finally found true Peace again. I didn’t have not one friend. And not knowing but 7 years later I would still feel like one person sorta understand me. Which is all right with me. Because then and even now I am still finding out my own mental capacity. I have been free from a manic episode for over 3 years now. I thank God for how much Grace He’s given me to get this far. And it’s still a battle every day to keep a balance of stability and fulfillment. So for what it’s worth I will continue sharing my story because it’s worth telling. Ericka A.